A Promising Start: Recap of the African Student Association Picnic in Kayseri

Saturday, October 23, 2023, will remain an unforgettable moment for the African student community of Kayseri, thanks to the exceptional event organized by the African Student Association in Kayseri (EASA). Led with skill by President Drissa Sidibé and his dedicated team, the Beştepe Picnic marked a vibrant kick-off to the activities for the current academic year.

This event, bringing together both newcomers and seasoned members, stood out as a foundational moment for the African community at Erciyes University. The festivities, full of life and sharing, created a conducive space for the integration of new students, fostering authentic exchanges between experienced members and newcomers.

Among the numerous activities throughout this memorable day, a mini-football tournament, chess games, volleyball, rope activities, an egg-and-spoon race, a general knowledge contest, ball juggling, card games, and many others contributed to the festive atmosphere and the creation of lasting bonds within the community.

The event transcended cultural boundaries, welcoming not only members of the African community but also students from diverse backgrounds. This openness strengthened the sense of belonging and facilitated enriching intercultural exchanges.

The conclusion of the picnic was marked by the awarding of prizes to the winners of each activity, celebrating the talents and skills within the community. President Drissa Sidibé expressed gratitude to all participants, highlighting the trust placed in the leadership team. He also called for unity, solidarity, and openness, urging members of the African community to face challenges and excel in their academic journeys.

Looking ahead, the leadership team envisions innovations for future events, including the possibility of organizing picnics outside the city and even in other cities, with an even wider range of activities. These ideas will be discussed in the coming days, hinting at a promising future for the African Student Association in Kayseri.

In summary, the Beştepe Picnic marked an exceptional start to the year, combining entertainment, integration, and cultural exchange within the African community at Erciyes University. A memorable event that will be etched in the records, reflecting the richness and diversity of this vibrant student community.

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